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 Hello from land-locked Mount Dora Florida

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Mt. Dora houseboat

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PostSubject: Hello from land-locked Mount Dora Florida   Hello from land-locked Mount Dora Florida Icon_minitimeFri Jun 09, 2017 9:56 pm

Well, not exactly land-locked, however, not near any oceans being in the center of the state on a chain of lakes here in Central Florida just North of Orlando in Lake County.  Mt. Dora is not exactly a mountain either as Florida is as flat as a pancake. I signed up for the forum in hopes to contact Alan Marine in Hong Kong after seeing his Youtube video on "My solar power system"  set up of his boat.   Alan's site has a convenient link to this forum which I joined just now.  Just a quick recap of my set up: the boat: I have a 1969 Marinette Rivercruiser houseboat 34LOA.  Stripped out/gutted out for total restoration.  I've been at it for 10 years now and well, still working on it...  No power plant as of yet and I think my engine bracket may be too high.   The whole boat sits on keel blocks as it has been for 10 years at a nearby storage unit.  I'm working on it (very) little at a time.  I'm 46 now and can still skip up the latter and bounce around inside easy to work on it, but I can feel the age creeping in a bit sometimes.  I'm at the point where I have a few electrical items which got me thinking more in depth about the electrical system as a whole.  I am an electrical novice and have been reading and researching and am in the early design phase.  My family members are in the design and electrical field which I can tap from for help and have no delusions about the scope and danger of such a potentially sticky, expensive and in depth project this can be (ie. the electrical system.)  The cost being a main sad.  
For now, I just wanted to build a small DC system for a few lights and pumps with a solar array and a charge controller to start me thinking about and experimenting with the idea and practice sizing the system (on a small scale for now.) I hope to gain fruitful advice on this forum for a marine based solar set up for the boat.  This may very well be a year long process or more and hope to keep things as simple as possible (yeah right:-)  
Roger from Mt. Dora
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from land-locked Mount Dora Florida   Hello from land-locked Mount Dora Florida Icon_minitimeSat Apr 13, 2019 1:16 pm

Hello Roger,

Glad to have you onboard !

I lived in Lakeland for a while.

Ive beed in and out of hospital for some time, and am now permanently paralysed from the knees down.

Living on the land now, but still have renewable energy in my spirit. Focusing on Tesla and other theories I can build in the spare room now my little workshop. slowly getting into my groove again and will post new video's on YouTube under AlanEnergized.

Have a great summer !

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Hello from land-locked Mount Dora Florida
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