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 TEG - Seebeck Effect

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PostSubject: TEG - Seebeck Effect   TEG - Seebeck Effect Icon_minitimeThu Aug 07, 2014 4:49 pm


I continuously go deep sea fishing in a 46.6 foot Bertram Sports Fisher, and as we trawl at 7 knots, the diesel engine are running, and the port engine has a belt that is connected to a sea water pump (Bertram factory installed). There is an Identical pump on Starboard (back up) so all engines are balanced loads. The pump feeds raw sea water back to the cockpit that washes the deck and kept a constant flow of water for the "Tuna Tubes. I am pumping over 3,800 gallons of water per hour.

I have made several attempt to use TEG (Seebeck Effect) modules on the exhaust pipes of both 600 horse power Detroit Diesel engines. I now have a successful system in place that will charge the 12v DC battery banks using the heat from the exhaust pipes, and the already flowing raw sea water.

Keep in mind... the engines are 32v, so there is a 32v alternator on each engine to charge its battery bank (200Ah each). The 12v that powers all the navigation gear (radar, AIS, Sonar, Structure Scan, VHF radio's) comes from the 12v Generator start battery banks (4 Trojan T-105's). I would always need the generator running to assure the 12v is charged and charging.

I have absolute, and functional success with my latest design to make power from the exhaust heat !

There is no longer a need to have the generator to operate a AC powered battery charger, as the TEC modules are producing nearly 60 amps per hour.

This has lowered diesel consumption, and it is also lowered the engine room temperature a few degrees, it also has let me add 2 more 12v blowers in the engine room and the diesel engines have much cooler air going into the air filters of the set of 8V92 Detroit Diesels !

Many have said I should just put on a 12v alternator... They do not seem to understand that, That will put on an unwanted load on the balanced engines, and thus any additional load will cause more diesel to be consumed... it may be very little, but it adds up when your out 160 miles offshore for 3 days at a time...

This is clean 12v power from the heat of an internal combustion engine...

NOTE: I use fully approved Bio-Diesel as well !

TEG - Seebeck Effect Seebeck-Bertram

Tight Lines Everyone !

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TEG - Seebeck Effect
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