Good Day,From Key West.. I am in the process of building a 12 foot dinghy wood/epoxy, That I will power with a electric pod drive or hi power trolling motor . Plan right now is for a 36 volt 110 lb thrust about 1.5 hp.

 The Batteries originally were going to be Trojan T105's or T105re's. But have been surfing internet and see a lot of statements that those batteries are not what they used to be as in a workhorse. So also been exploring Lifepo4 batteries The benefits seem to be overwhelming in their favor. The life cycles alone and then the weight for a old man . The ability to absorb whatever you can throw at it amperage wise.

    The only draw back is the initial purchase cost of course and then there is a bit of a learning curve on the setup and balancing of the cells but seems once that is sorted out they are a great option. I have found 200ah cells for 125 each and for anyone else 700ah for 400, Of course they are in China  listed on Ebay   Winston Cells.

    Waiting on a freight quote for 12 200ah right now to Key West Florida.

    The generator portion of the Dinghy would be a 3000 watt pure sine inverter. With a shore power connection. The charging will be 5 or 6 100 watt flexible panels only using them due to the weight 6 lbs each. Looking at a Midnite solar the kid Mppt controller. Still need to check if it has the needed option to set the output voltage for the lifepo4 cells.

 Anyway that is the basics so far. Will be a while in the process as doing as cash affords. But idea is to build a system that is in it for the long haul and to be hassle free.

 Here is a link to a blog on the boat been idle for a bit . But back to it soon..

                                                   Cheers  Ken

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