I agree 100% , I am looking to live my life on my own terms producing as much for myself as I can. I currently live tied to a dock but have lived offshore for up to two years at one time. The current goal is to modify our vessel to create a comfortable modern lifestyle without depending on shore based or municipal utilities. Even while living at the dock after storms we can be without services for a few days up to a few weeks . Our power is at the end of a 200 mile extension cord. Water is becoming expensive and the quality questionable so why not make your own and know the source.

We (My wife and I) Hope to produce a good quantity of our food not for just the expense but more for the quality, Living in the keys the options for truly fresh produce is a illusion having been shipped from who knows where. Since we are sitting on a ocean of water hydroponics seemed to make the most sense. We started some testing into it and the results make it seem simple. The ongoing idea might wrap around studies done using sea water as fertilizer as it has the most abundance of nutrients.

But myself not having any alphabets behind my name go at things more in a try and see attitude. Seem to be waffling so will stop here .. But yes Off Grid Does not mean living in Lack. The goal is to have it all and not owe anyone for it and have the satisfaction of knowing you produce it and can fix it.

Cheers Ken