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 Hong Kong Alan

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PostSubject: Hong Kong Alan   Hong Kong Alan Icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2014 2:11 am


My name is Alan, and I am originally from Ontario Canada.

Hong Kong Alan HKalan

I came to China in 1992 for a career adventure, that has since turned into the place I now call home.

In 1994 I purchased a Taiwan made boat that was at a marina. I then began to purchase solar panels, and wind turbines to allow all the electrical comforts of a standard home while out in the South China Sea all weekend long. This is where I began my journey to live off the grid. In 1998 I was completely off the grid, even though I was in the marina. I have satellite TV, telephone, and internet. I make more power then I use with Solar and wind. I desalinate the sea water for drinking, cooking, and washing. I catch the fish I eat, I harvest Sea Weed 3 times a year. I have a small garden on one of the outlying islands where I grow fruits and vegetables. I do however go to markets to buy beef, chicken, and port, as wall as other items like toilet paper and other personal hygiene items.

I have always worked on the land, and have had a prosperous career. I have since taken early retirement and now promote "Off The Grid" living on boats and yachts in Hong Kong.

Being so close to all the China factories, I have taken advantage of this to experiment and invent better ways for CFC Free DC Air Conditioning, and explore the Free Energy concepts of Tesla, Bedini, and others.

I belong to several forums, but recently thought I would start my own forum that was focused on the "Power" side of living Off the Grid that gives me the most interest !

I hope to meet more here with the same interests of using technology for as happy life off the grid !

Talk to you soon !

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PostSubject: Re: Hong Kong Alan   Hong Kong Alan Icon_minitimeThu Jul 27, 2017 8:19 pm

Hello all,
I've been living in Pensacola Florida for a couple of years, drawn here for the wonderful sailing in the bay and Gulf of Mexico.
I've solved all but one problem cruising entails by adding plenty of solar and wind generation and a 12v Spectra water maker, so I'm limited only by the need for food, and, rarely, diesel. The one sticky problem is heat and humidity since I don't have or want to run a generator to operate our air conditioner when we're not docked.
I'm actively seeking a solution that will cool our V-berth; I've looked at small air conditioners that might do the trick, but they do eat a lot of amps. There is a very small 12v unit promised on KickStarter, the Zero Breeze, but I don't know if it's adequate and it's yet to ship.
I'm very interested in Alan's Peltier solution and hope to learn more about it.
Fair winds,
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Hong Kong Alan
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